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About Us & Our Cattery

 Hi there, we are Robyn & Emily Johnson and we're addicted to Ragdolls!

We are registered Ragdoll breeders with the Queensland Feline Association under the prefix of Saffireblu (QFA1069). We chose this prefix because it perfectly describes the colour of a Ragdoll's captivating eyes, the prefix was only allowed to be 10 letters long, hence the peculiar spelling!

Our family had always been 'dog people' as such, and hadn't had that much to do with cats until around 8 years ago. In 2007 we met Jasper, my Sister-in-law Mary's beautiful Cream point Ragdoll. We had seen him over the years, but had not taken too much notice until we stayed there for a girls night and he came out of hiding and allowed us to give him a huge snuggle! Jasper was a gorgeous Ragdoll who was absolutely massive, with a personality to match. He very sadly passed away at 16 years of age. In loving memory of Jasper 1994-2010.

Meeting the beautiful Jasper made us fall in love with the breed instantly. Shortly afterwards my daughter Emily & I impulsively bought our first two Unregistered Ragdolls. We didn't realize at the time that this wasn't the right thing to do and they weren't in the best of health when we got them, but these two girls have brought us so much joy and happiness that we could never regret buying them. Thus started the addiction!

We had only ever had one cat before the Ragdolls, this is Merlin - Emily's neutered Tabby cat. We bought Merlin in October 2007, then we bought Coco and Chanel in March 2009, and straight after that I decided that I'd like to do the right thing and become a registered breeder with the QFA (Queensland Feline Association). I registered alone at first but now Emily & I are both Registered Ragdoll breeders, a Mother & Daughter team at Saffireblu.

Since then, we have purchased and also retained many more breeding & show quality Ragdolls who are all absolutely beautiful! So we currently share our home with our 3 Companion cats, our beautiful pedigree Ragdoll Kings & Queens, and our 2 beautiful old doggies (Sparky - German Shepherd 12yrs & Molly - Belgian Shepherd 9yrs).

We were registered for well over a year without having any kittens as we were waiting for our young girls to grow, so our breeding program only really began in May 2010 with our first two beautiful litters from Charlie and first time mums Mittens and Aiyana. It was an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience that we shall never forget; and we are certain that every litter will bring us the same wonderful feeling, it is just so beautiful to watch that first precious breath, and the way the new Mums know exactly what to do!

We are over the moon with the kittens that we have produced so far and we love each and every one of them! This is why it is so hard for us to part with them! We believe Ragdolls should be compulsory in every household!

2012 is already bringing us more beautiful kittens, and more loving families to share them with! We cant wait to keep going with our breeding program, it is a slow process but we just love every minute of it!

As you can see, breeding Ragdolls has fast become our passion, we have done a lot of research on the breed, their health and their history, and we do everything we possibly can to provide people with happy, healthy, genetically tested and well adjusted kittens.

Our goal is to produce large, healthy, fluffy Ragdolls with wonderful temperaments and 'SaffireBlu' eyes! We strive to improve the breed and meet the Ragdoll breed standard, and also to help promote knowledge about this amazing breed. We try to make the kitten buying process as easy and pleasurable as possible. This means we are here to help every single one of our kittens and their owners through the adoption process and for their whole life with as much information, love and support as we can give.

We regularly attend local cat shows to get feedback and make sure we are on the right track with our beautiful Ragdoll babies. We have started getting some fabulous results on the show bench and we encourage our kitten owners to come along too, showing is very rewarding and exciting, it really has helped us learn what we are looking for and what we want to achieve.

We sincerely hope that anyone who buys a Saffireblu Ragdoll kitten can get as much joy and love from them as they have given us, we pour our heart and soul into these babies and its great to know that there are such loving families out there who are ready to do the right thing and adopt a gorgeous Ragdoll kitten from a registered breeder.


Our Ragdolls all have pedigrees that are mainly from traditional lines with quite limited outcross. We are now starting to work with the purely traditional pedigrees as well & look forward to our future Saffireblu kittens that are 100% traced back to the original foundation Ragdolls. We have most patterns and colours available - the wonderful seals, blues, chocolates, lilacs, reds, creams & torties. We absolutely love the tabby/lynx pattern, which you will see when looking at all of our cats (we have lots of lynx points!), it seems to bring more expression to the face and gives the colour points a beautiful marbled effect. We love all colours and patterns, now we are specifically working on perfecting our bicolours and points, but we just cant choose a favourite! Our cats are from Champion lines with some imported champion ancestors, we have quite a wide variety of lines and are so happy with the look, type and temperament of the kittens that we have produced thus far. We just love to see the improvement of our kittens as they grow, we are so proud of their show results & thankful for our happy kitten owners.

 All of our breeding cats are DNA tested CLEAR/NEGATIVE for common genetic health problems including Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) & Polycystic Kidney disease (PKD), so we are trying to minimize any risk of unhealthy babies, so that all of our kittens can live long, happy lives in the lap of luxury with their new owners. Health is our main objective, closely followed by temperament and standard, we are working towards perfection!!

If the parents are tested HCM & PKD negative we don't tend to test the kittens unless requested, as if they are genetically clear of these diseases then the chance of them having it is significantly reduced. HCM & PKD is not always just congenital, it can occur naturally too. We have all health results available upon request, and are happy to test for anything further for the new owners peace of mind if they should request it, this extra cost would be covered by the new owner.

We have also tested all of our breeding cats for Feline Immunodeficiency virus (FIV/AIDS) and Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV), this is just another precaution we have decided to take to ensure the optimum health of our babies. Every test has come back CLEAR/NEGATIVE, so we are proud to say we are also a FIV & FeLV free cattery! Obviously with the FIV & FeLV blood testing it can only say that the cats are clear at time of testing, so we do everything we can to avoid exposing our cats to these highly contagious viruses after testing, to ensure that the results are still applicable. This means we do not allow our cats to come into contact with untested cats, and we apply a suitable quarantine period to all new cattery additions.

We have also had a couple of our cats and kittens tested for the Feline Corona Virus (FCoV) all with SERONEGATIVE (low/undetectable titre) results so far. We have been doing a lot of research on all of the viruses, parasites and diseases that we could encounter when breeding cats, and FIP (a rare mutation of the Corona Virus) is by far the scariest. We continue to research as much as we can about all feline health related topics so that we are as prepared as can be for anything we may come across in the future.

We have also tested some of our cats for upper respiratory diseases, including Herpes virus, Calicivirus, Chlamydia felis, Bortadella felis,  Mycoplasma felis and the Influenza virus (all via swab PCR) and ALL results were CLEAR/NEGATIVE. We are very happy about these results and will continue to test our cats for any and all diseases randomly to make sure we are still on the right track.

We have now started Blood grouping our cats, so that we can make sure we plan matings safely - ensuring the Queen and Kings blood types are compatible to avoid Neonatal Isoerytholysis. This also gives us peace of mind as if any of our cats ever need a blood transfusion in a hurry then we know that we have a match for them in our cattery - so the vets can take the blood quickly, knowing it is the right type and is free of blood-borne viruses - fingers crossed we never need this to happen, but at least we are prepared.

We are a Pet Plan Preferred breeder, so we can give our owners 6 weeks of free pet insurance with their new kitten covering both injury and illness to help give our new owners peace of mind.

Ragdolls are our passion, we love everything about breeding them and we want to do it right! We constantly try to improve our practices and we regularly attend local cat shows to ensure that we are working to improve the breed and meet the Ragdoll breed standard. Showing is wonderful, we love our owners showing our cats and kittens, it is very good for us to hear the feedback from the judges so that we can continue to improve, we have had some great success on the show bench so far. We make sure that our Ragdolls go to loving indoor homes, where they will get all of the attention & love they deserve, so naturally we do reserve the right to refuse adoption if we think their needs will not be catered for (thankfully we haven't had to do this as yet!) We also strictly abide by the QFA code of ethics.

  We are home with our cats & kittens full time at the moment, and our Mums & kittens all live inside with us. All of our cats and kittens are our pets first and foremost, not just working breeding cats; so they all get lots of attention every day and we try to give them the best lives possible. We also give our cats the best diet possible, by selecting the highest quality dry food and making our own meat and supplement mixture to ensure the absorption of necessary vitamins & minerals, and natural immune defence boosters.

We are here for every delivery, and we sleep (or don't sleep lol) in the room with our girls for a few days whilst they are nesting & expecting kittens so that we don't miss it. When our Queens are with young kittens they spend most of their time in a snug bed inside one of our Baby travel cots, and as the kittens grow older and more adventurous we move them into a larger playpen in the family room, until they escape and take over the entire home!

Our Kings all live outside under the patio in their own temporary enclosures that we built. Stud boys cant really be kept in the house as they tend to spray to mark their territory, and they need to be separated from the girls to avoid unwanted pregnancies and any fighting. As much as we hate having them outside they are all very happy boys (they love their job!), they are kept safe, and they socialize with the dogs and they get lots of love, cuddles and a brush from us every day! Their enclosures are a very decent size and we are planning on making them even bigger and better soon!