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Below is SAFFIREBLU CHOCAHOLIC (TITAN) is a Chocolate Point Ragdoll from Misty & Ryder's second litter together. Titan is living with Alli in NZ as her foundation stud boy at Bellazure Ragdolls! Just love this beautiful kitten, he has strong boning, good head type, nice profile and chin, great eyes and a personality to die for :)

He is going to be one VERY handsome stud!

UPDATE! Handsome Titan has just become a father, Jan 2014, with his first litter of 7 beautiful healthy babies arriving for Alli!


UPDATE! These two stunners BELLE & LAYLA have attended their first show in Singapore!! They both now have Premier status and only points away from Grand Premier, they both recieved some invaluable feedback and many nice comments from the judges, cat fanciers and the general public. Well done girls!!! We are so proud of you!

Premier Saffireblu SheisaBelle (Blue bicolour) & Premier Saffireblu CinderLayla (Lilac Bicolour) live in Singapore with Cherlyn & Ben. They are both spoilt rotten and absolutely adored by their new owners!


Below is the beautiful Saffireblu Painted Lady (LADY) who was a Queen at CherishMe Ragdolls on the Sunshine Coast with Sharon Bailey, a very good friend of ours. Lady is a Blue tortie tabby point with the most beautiful eye colour and expressive markings. She has minimal tortie just like her Mother Yanni, but her colouring is very striking. Lady has produced some beautiful kittens at CherishMe, her first litter had 7 babies from the resident stud GD CH CherishMe Orion's Belt, her second litter had 5 stunning kittens from CherishMe Up and Atom. We are very proud of this girl :) 

Lady has now retired from her breeding career after having 3 beautiful big litters. 

is our precious
Saffireblu Angel who lives in Cairns with Alanna Mendels of EyesofAzure Ragdolls.  Angel is a beautiful Blue point girl carrying chocolate from Bear and Lyssa who is just like her brother Teddy! She was always cheeky, very affectionate and stunning too! She has a good thick coat, lovely blue eyes, strong boning, generous size and she inherited her mum's extra long tail! She is a real beauty and we can not wait to watch her mature even more, she has now had her first litter in 2012 to the resident stud Raggydolls Wilbour (a blue bicolour), with 7 beautiful healthy babies!

Angel will be staying with Alanna forever as a loving lap cat as she has now finished breeding.

is Saffireblu Mr President (MR.P), a Cream tabby point Ragdoll that resides with Gaye Crimmins of RoyalRicks Ragdolls on the Gold Coast. Mr President is a striking boy - with his pure white coat, his bright blue eyes, his beautifully sculpted profile and his extremely affectionate temperament he is sure to be an absolute heart stealer when he is fully mature! He was from Yanni and Charlie's second litter and is already a big boy now, he has successfully sired his first four litters! We can not wait to have a cuddle with this big boy again! An updated picture is coming soon :)

Below is Grand Champion Saffireblu Forever and a Day (DAISY), a gorgeous Chocolate point girl carrying dilute who is a Future Queen at GypsyHart Ragdolls in Brisbane with Lynda Yardley. Daisy is a real cutie, she had the floppiest nature as a kitten which she inherited from her dad Bear, and she has her mother Evie's beautiful eyes! Daisy has grown up to be a lovely Mum and we hope she does Lynda proud as her first Queen! Daisy was such a special girl, the first born kitten from our first born kitten - if that makes sense! We adore her and we are enjoying the updates and watching her grow with Lynda, we hope she continues to develop strongly, we see a lot of potential in her!

Daisy has started attending local shows now, and in her first ever show she gained her Champion Status, Well done Lynda & Daisy!


Daisy has just given birth to her first litter from our stud boy Ryder... what a great little mum she is turning out to be! We are adopting one of her beautiful babies - Gypsyhart Diamonds R Forever 'Monti' - a chocolate bicolour girl who will become a Saffireblu Queen one day. We just love our Monti! Daisy and Ryder will be repeating this mating as the babies were so lovely.

Below is
Saffireblu First Symphony (MELODY), an adorable Seal tabby point Female from traditional lines. Melody is now residing at ChezRaggz Ragdolls just down the road from us with our good friend Liz Smith. Melody is absolutely gorgeous, she is a little clone of her mum (CH Dirleton Lady Sienna) and she has beautiful dark colour points and a nature to die for! She really is the most affectionate kitten you could ever dream of, and we hope she produces Lizzie some gorgeous babies with that same loving nature. Melody's father has been a successful show cat with Radiant Ragdolls, and we are so thankful to Karen for letting us have the use of Skippy to produce this litter. Melody and Lacey are both very special to us  :)

UPDATE - Mellie has produced some stunning babies for Lizzie of ChezRaggz, well done everyone!

Below is Saffireblu Diamond Jubilee (BILEE), a Seal tabby point female from one of our favourite litters to date, she is proudly owned and shown by Kat Johnston of MystikBlis Ragdolls in Bundaberg. We absolutely adore Bilee, she is such a lovely kitten in both looks and temperament, she is so cheeky and affectionate and she has eyes and expression to die for, plus strong boning throughout her body, a lovely profile, nice little ears and very dark colouring already! We are sure she will do Kat proud as her first Queen, hopefully she is very much like her wonderful mother Kizzy in this respect. We are very proud of this lovely kitten!

UPDATE - BILEE is currently raising her first beautiful litter of babies! Well done Kat, just beautiful!

Below is Saffireblu Aless Ambrosio (ALESS), a cute Chocolate Bicolour female who lives at ChezRaggz Ragdolls with our good friend Liz Smith.  Aless was from Immie & Ryder's beautiful litter of 8 born in 2012, she has a lovely expression and a very long and tall build. Aless also has good eye colour and a nice scooped profile, plus a great nature. She is always sitting on Liz's shoulder at home like a parrot. We can not wait to see Aless blossom as she matures as she has a lot of potential. We are so happy that we still get to see her regularly.

Below is Saffireblu Coco Rocha (COCO),  a Seal Point female who resides at GypsyHart Ragdolls with our good friend Lynda Yardley. Lynda already has the beautiful Chocolate point girl Daisy from us and this little girl reminds us so much of her as a kitten. We hope that Coco has a bright future ahead of her, we always loved her sweet expresion, her profile and her thick coat. She should be a very beautiful adult :)
Update! Coco has now grown up in to a big girl and had her very first litter! Well done :)

Below is Gold Double Grand Champion Saffireblu Teddy Bear (TEDDY), a Blue point stud male who now lives at SweetiePie Ragdolls with Laura & Lynette Zammit. Teddy is such a beautiful boy, he was a stud here at Saffireblu and he has already produced 4 lovely litters, from one of these litters we have retained a lovely blue point girl just like Teddy (Skyla - Saffireblu Skys the Limit). Teddy has had a sucessful show career with us, and has been a very affectionate and loving pet. We know he will be spoilt rotten at SweetiePie Ragdolls and we can not wait to see his future babies.

Update - Teddy has now sired a couple of beautiful litters at SweetiePie Ragdolls and his kittens are just so beautiful, very promising! Congratulations! Teddy Is a happy boy in his new home :)

Below is Saffireblu Simply Beautiful (BEAUTI), a Blue point girl carrying chocolate who now lives with Kylie Charman of AussieBlue Ragdolls in Mt Isa. Beauti is exactly what her name implies, simply beautiful! She has captivating eyes, a charming nature, a sweet expression and a nicely proportioned build. We are very pleased with this little girl and hope she grows up to be a great first Queen and a successful Show cat for Kylie! Beauti was from Kizzy & Bear and it was a lovely mating, the kittens were exactly what we had hoped for! We look forward to watching Beauti develop into a stunning Queen!!

Beauti has now had her first litter of 6 beautiful kittens. Well done Beauti!

is Saffireblu Rhyanna Rose (Rhy) who resides at CherishMe Ragdolls with Sharon Bailey. Rhyanna is a Lilac tortie point with some stunning features and a great temperament. She has a great coat texture and a very large bottle brush tail, she has good eye colour for a lilac and nice strong boning too. She will soon be having babies of her own, hopefully they are as beautiful as we think they will be! Rhyanna is from Ryder & Yanni's litter born 3/3/12.
Below is Saffireblu Willow, who resides at CherishMe Ragdolls. Willow is from GD CH Cherishme Orions Belt and our Queen Saffireblu Eternal Legacy, so Willow has quite good traditional lines behind her through both of these parents. Willow is a Seal point carrying dilute. She has many great features, stunning eyes, a great profile, lovely nature and great coat texture. We hope Miss Willow produces many beautiful kittens for you Sharon :)
Below is Saffireblu Just Imagine (Immie) a gorgeous Seal point girl,who now lives at CherishMe Ragdolls as well! We retained Immie from Lyssa & Charlie's litter and she has produced one beautiful litter for us at Saffireblu. Hopefully she produces many more beautiful kittens for Sharon. Immie has a picture perfect profile, great size and coat, nice depth to her colour points, good eye shape and colour and a loving temperament. We just love this girl. Immie is the mother of Smoke n Mirrors, Aless Ambrosio, Victorias Secret & Coco Rocha.
Below is Saffireblu Smoke N Mirrors (GISELE) who lives with Layne, a new Ragdoll Breeder in Townsville. Gisele is a Blue bicolour girl with a symmetrical mismark - white tips to both ears! We just love this unique marking, she has incredible type too and a soft nature. She is a very beautiful girl and will have some stunning babies in the future :)
Below is Saffireblu Its My Destiny (DESTINY) who lives with Laura & Lynette at SweetiePie Ragdolls near Ipswich. Destiny is a stunning Seal point girl from Dawn & Orion's litter, she has the most AMAZING blue eyes, a lovely coat and a great disposition too. She is going to grow into a wonderful Queen and show star, we are sure of it! :)
Below is Saffireblu Ocean who now resides with our friend Liz at ChezRaggz Ragdolls,  just down the road from us :) Ocean is a stunning Seal tabby Bicolour from traditional lines, her type is wonderful and so true to standard, and her eyes are to die for, what a great mix of her parents Orion & Lacey. We retained Ocean for ourselves and she has already grown into a beautiful adult, but as we are ceasing breeding for now she is going to be a very welcome addition to the ChezRaggz family and we cannot wait to see what she produces for you Liz!
Below is Saffireblu Hearts Desire who now lives with Leah at HouseofDolls Ragdolls, who already has one of our prized studs ACF AoE Gold Double Grand Champion Cherishme Storm Ryder. Desiree will be a beautiful mate for him and the other handsome studs at HouseofDolls. She is a perfectly marked blue bicolour girl from Orion and Mimi, with such captivating blue eyes and a superb nature. We know she will do great things for you Leah and are so happy that she is going to such a good home with you :)

Below is Saffireblu Star of the Show (HOWIE), possibly one of the cutest kittens in the whole wide world! Howie is a perfectly marked Seal Bicolour Show Neuter who lives with Caro, Minh & Family in Brisbane. We absolutely adore this boy, he is from Misty & Ryder's first litter so is full brother to Saffireblu Dancin in the Dark who resides at CherishMe Ragdolls and Saffireblu Sultan of Swing who resides at RagsRUs Ragdolls. Howie has the same vivid eyes as his parents and siblings, beautiful markings, dark point colour, a nicely scooped profile, a strong muzzle, a silky smooth coat and an unbelievably sooky nature! This little man is just so lucky to have found such a loving home, we hope he does well on the show bench in the future as we really see something special in him.
Howie has had some amazing placings to date, Best of Breeds, Best in Shows and Reserve Best in shows! Well done Howie!

is Double Grand Champion Saffireblu Snow Phantom (SNO), a handsome Lilac Point Show neuter from Lyssa & Bear who lives with Caro, Minh & Family in Brisbane. We look forward to seeing our beautiful boy regularly and seeing him attend shows, he has placed well at as an entire in the past, so hopefully now that he is in the desexed ring he will do just as well! Sno is such a sooky, floppy Ragdoll and we are just so proud of him, he really is a special boy :) He is full litter brother to our Blue point stud Teddy Bear.

is Saffireblu Mama Mia (MIA),a stunning Seal point girl from Lyssa & Charlie's litter, full sister to our lovely Queen Immie. Mia also lives with Caro, Minh & Family and will soon be attending her first shows! Mia has eyes to die for and a wonderful nature, a beautiful long dark tail and long whiskers and eyebrows like her mum Lyssa. Mia is a much loved pet and hopefully she will be a successful show cat too, cant wait to see how she does!

is Grand Champion Saffireblu Cherish Me (ANGEL), a sweet Lilac point Show kitten who lives with Shae in Brisbane. Angel has lovely type, a long coat like her father Ryder, those same beautiful eyes as all of her siblings, a nice short scooped profile, a wide head, a sweet expression and a loving disposition. Angel is absolutely adorable and will be spoilt rotten in her new home, so we hope she is equally spoilt by the judges in the local show circuit! Fingers crossed for her development, we think she is just gorgeous!

Angel has been attending many local shows just lately and has had some wonderful feedback. We hope she continues to do well in the future as she grows! She is now in the adult ring and has already gained her Grand Champion Status! Well done Angel!!!!
Below is Saffireblu Tiny Teddy, the handsome Lilac point boy who is the only survivor from Dawn & Teddy's litter. This boy was always so special, and has grown to be even bigger and more beautiful than we could have imagined! He is owned and loved by Sultan, Alina & Family and will soon be starting his show career in Brisbane. We hope for great things from this big kitten, he certainly has the wow factor, a fabulous nature and fantastic type.

is Saffireblu Sparkys Charm 'Charmer', a gorgeous Seal point boy from Orion & Dahla's litter. Charmer is so stunning and amazingly friendly, we think he will enjoy strutting his stuff on the show bench in the future. Charmer has the widest head, great boning and very striking blue eyes.
Charmer is loved by Sara & family in Brisbane.

Below is Saffireblu Billy Rufus who is owned and loved by Kayleen & Dean of OceanBreeze Akita Dogs. Billy Rufus was always such a stunning kitten with a stand out temperament, he has such dark blue eyes, lovely matching colour points, strong boning and the loudest purr. Billy Rufus is a Blue point from Dawn & Orion's litter. Billy Rufus was sold as a pet kitten however due to his stunning looks he will be testing out the show benches in the future!

Below is Saffireblu Sultan of Swing (PEPPER), our stunning Seal Bicolour boy carrying dilute who will be living with David & Michelle Booth of Rags R Us Ragdolls. We just love this boy and were initially retaining him for breeding ourselves, but we have since sadly decided to reduce the number of boys we have. He has lovely markings and amazing eye colour, a beautiful profile, strong tail colour and good body and tail length, and a very floppy nature. We are looking forward seeing how he goes on the show benches in South Australia, we think he will have a very bright future ahead of him.


Below is Saffireblu Tickle Me Pink (TILLY), a Lilac Bicolour beauty from Misty & Ryder's first litter! Tilly lives at WillowMagic Ragdolls in Perth with Karen Curtis. Tilly is a lovely girl - she has incredibly vivid eye colour for a lilac, a strong profile, a long tail and good point colour, so we hope she produces some beautiful kittens for Karen in the future! Tilly looks like a feminine version of her father, we can not wait to see her fully grown! 

Below is Saffireblu Victorias Secret (TORI) a Seal Bicolour carrying dilute, from Ryder & Immie's litter born 31/8/12. We were initially retaining this gorgeous girl for breeding ourselves but she is living in Perth with Kelly Barker of Skidamarink Ragdolls. This little girl has so much going for her, beautiful eyes, great head type and coat, perfect profile and strong chin, and a soft loving nature. Hopefully she will be a great Mum when the time comes.

SOLD to Jenene in NSW as a stud