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Saffireblu Kitten Prices, Terms & Conditions
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Pet Ragdoll Kittens

Seal or Blue  $800

Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream or Tortie  $850

The above PET prices include: desexing, micro chipping, at least two vet checks and the first F3 injection. Your kitten will also be protected against worms and fleas, they will be registered with QFA and will leave here with a bag full of goodies, all vet records and paperwork and a QFA registered pedigree (sometimes the pedigree is not ready at time of pickup but will always be sent in the mail to you afterwards).

We are also a PetPlan Preferred breeder, so you get 6 weeks free pet insurance with your new Ragdoll kitten for injury or illness.

Pet kittens are sold with a simple agreement to safeguard the new kitten owner, the breeder and most importantly the kitten.

We pride ourselves on being as helpful as possible, so when you buy a kitten from us you will have our support and guidance for the kitten's whole lifetime.

A $200 non refundable deposit is required to secure a Pet kitten from a current or upcoming litter. 

Our deposits are always considered to be the first installment of the purchase price, not an extra cost on top.

Show Quality Ragdoll Kittens

 $950 - $1050 (depending on pattern/quality)

All of our Pet kitten owners are more than welcome to show their kittens and we definitely encourage and support this, but paying the Show Quality price means that we make sure we provide you with the best show quality kitten we can with great type & show temperament that has a very good chance of doing well at local shows, as not all pet kittens are perfect for showing (some will have mismarks etc). We will also help you if you are attending local shows, providing information & support. Show quality kittens are sold with a simple show pet contract to cover both you, us and the beautiful kitten. We can not guarantee the results of our show quality kittens in a cat show, we can only provide you with the best quality Ragdoll for showing purposes. As judges all have differing opinions, we just follow the breed standard and go by size, look and temperament to make sure the kitten is suitable, where as with pets we mostly look for a loving temperament.

A $250 non refundable deposit is required to secure a Show quality kitten from a current or upcoming litter.

Our deposits are always considered to be the first installment of the purchase price, not an extra cost on top.

Breeding & Show/Breeding Quality Ragdoll Kittens
$1250 - $1850

Breeding Quality kittens go to approved Registered Breeders only. 

Kitten will be QFA registered, microchipped and will have had the first F3 injection.

We must see a copy of your Breeders registration certificate before we provide you with an entire kitten, we reserve the right to refuse adoption of breeding kittens if we feel that either the home is not suitable or it is not in the best interest of our kitten or our name. Prices are POA because it depends on the quality, colour and lineage of the kitten, above is the average price range that you could expect to pay.

Breeding kittens are sold with a contract agreement that covers both parties and protects the kitten.

Most of our breeding quality kittens are also show quality and loving companions, we make sure of this by spending lots of time with each and every kitten and by selecting only the best to carry on their line.

A $500 non refundable deposit is required to secure a Breeding kitten from a current or upcoming litter.

Our deposits are always considered to be the first installment of the purchase price, not an extra cost on top.

Retiree Ragdoll King or Queen


The above price is to cover the cost of desexing, microchipping (if not already done)  and vaccinating our retired breeding Ragdolls so that they can enjoy a loving pet home with all vet work up to date.


You can be assured that our cats & kittens are HCM & PKD tested negative or are negative by parentage, so we are proudly producing the healthiest and happiest genetically screened ragdolls that we can! We have tested all of our cats for the nasty viruses FIV & FeLV so we are officially an FIV/FeLV clear cattery. We have also randomly tested some of our cats for FCoV & all upper respiratory diseases with all negative results. We have also nearly finished Blood grouping all of our cats, this is so we know which matings are safe to do (ensuring that the blood types are compatible), and in case of emergency we know which blood type our cats are. All DNA & health test results are available upon request, and the DNA results of your kitten / your kittens' parents will be provided in your kitten information pack.


Stud Services

Stud services are not openly available at Saffireblu Ragdolls as we have decided that it is not in the best interest of our Ragdolls health and well being. Very occasionally we will allow stud services for our very close friends whose catteries we know have been tested for the nasty diseases & viruses that we are concerned about, although this is not common practice for us and we are very selective.


Second Kitten Discounts

 We always give our customers a small discount if coming back to purchase a second Saffireblu Ragdoll kitten, or if purchasing two at once. We understand that Ragdolls are expensive, but when it comes to pets you really do get what you pay for. Having said this, we do still try to accommodate as much as we can for people who are buying their beautiful new Ragdoll kittens from Saffireblu Ragdolls.


Our deposits are non-refundable.

 In very exceptional circumstances this policy will be waived.

Kitten Delivery

We can deliver your kitten to you if you live locally (we would probably go as far North as the Sunshine Coast and as far South as the Gold Coast), the cost would be $10 - $30 depending on how far away you live just to cover our petrol :)

Cat Boarding 

We are happy to look after your Saffireblu Ragdoll if you go on holidays, the cost is $10 per day which is about half the price of the average boarding cattery. We offer this service as it is lovely for us to see our kittens again and helps give peace of mind to the owner; the kitten/cat will be kept in the home with us which will be a familiar environment to them. If there is a bit of tension between the cats then we will let your kitten/cat live in one of the bedrooms so they still get a lot of attention but don't have any other cats to worry about. They will obviously be treated as one of the family with lots of cuddle and play time every day, a good healthy diet (if you feed them differently to what we do then its best to bring some of their food so that we can continue on their usual diet). If you have another cat at home that ventures outdoors or if your Saffireblu Ragdoll has been let outside and in contact with other cats then we will have to keep them isolated just to make sure that we do not introduce anything to our cattery - but of course they will still have plenty of contact and cuddles with us!

Interstate and International enquiries are always welcome. All transport & medical costs are to be covered by the buyer, but we can help with organizing flights. We have now had a fair bit of experience transporting kittens interstate and even overseas, this is usually a simple process and our kittens often come out of the cage at their destination purring for their new owners!

We are happy to organise any extra DNA testing & health testing if you request it or if it is necessary for interstate / international travel, but all of these costs are to be covered by the buyer.

Sending Kitten Packs Interstate or Overseas

We are willing to send our kitten packs (complete with samples, toys etc) interstate or overseas by post, but it is asked of the owner to give us $10 extra (for interstate) or $20 extra (for overseas) to help cover the cost of postage. If you just want the paperwork and a couple of toys then that is no problem, it can be sent in the carry crate with the kitten at no cost, and there is no need to worry about the kitten pack, its up to you. :)

We offer a lifetime return policy so if at any point you are unable to house your Ragdoll or no longer want to keep them then please contact us immediately and we can look after or re-home your Ragdoll. Partial refunds may be given depending on the circumstances, if we resell your Ragdoll then the majority of the purchase price will be given back to you, this works on a case by case basis.

*All of our pricing is in Australian Dollars ($AUD)*

Our Terms & Inclusions

We send all of our Kittens to loving homes, in the understanding that they will be kept INSIDE (unless of course they are allowed outside under very strict supervision on a harness, or if in a suitable enclosure during the day time). We must ask a few questions about your home environment: children, current pets and your work roster, just to make sure that our kittens can be sent to the perfect home where they will have the time and love they need. These kittens are like our babies as we are with them from the moment they are born and onwards.

We reserve the right to refuse adoption if we believe the needs of our kittens will not be catered for, if we do not feel that the home is suitable, if we feel uncomfortable with the arrangement or if the kitten's situation changes during the adoption process. Until our kittens leave us we are responsible for their health & wellbeing, choosing the owners they go to and we are still the registered owners so ultimately we have to choose what is best for the kitten and make decisions based on our own judgement, even if a deposit has been paid. This may sound strict but we always have our kittens best interests in mind, and we do everything we can to keep our new kitten owners happy & to keep improving on our breeding program and our practices. We feel that our kittens deserve the best possible homes where they can grow old with owners who love them as much as we do.

A kitten is not reserved until a deposit has been paid, this is the only way we can keep everybody happy. Ultimately the kittens belong to us and are in our care until they go to their new homes, although if a deposit has been paid no other prospective pet kitten owners can buy your kitten.

Full payment is always required before collection or delivery of the kittens.

We will give you copies of all of your kitten's medical and pedigree details and certificates along with a complimentary Kitten Care Pack to get you started. These packs include: Samples of recommended food and litter, 6 weeks free pet insurance, toys and a blanket and lots of information about your new Ragdoll - weight chart, vet documents, info sheets & booklets. (Contents of kitten packs are subject to availability).

All of our kittens are litter trained, weaned on to high quality solid food and raised in our home with lots of love and cuddles.

Our kittens can be taken to their new home at 12-14 weeks of age and no sooner as the kitten needs to stay with their Mother for this period of time. Pet kittens will have to be kept at Saffireblu until they have recovered from their desexing, breeders can go to their new homes at 12 weeks old. 

Desexing of pet kittens is non-negotiable, it is safer for the kitten and will make them a better pet.

We update our owners with weekly pictures of their new kitten until they are old enough to visit, then bring them home. A CD of all photos taken since birth can be available with the kitten by request. When you do visit, we ask if you could please not touch any cats before you come over (only visit one cattery per day to avoid any cross contamination) and that when you get here we will offer hand sanitizer for you to use. Please do not be offended by this, we all do it for the safety of our kittens and to prevent any unnecessary infections. We believe it is a very good idea to visit your kitten before you buy, as occasionally buying just from a photo can leave you disappointed. Obviously we try to send as many pictures as we can to our interstate/international buyers, to make sure they are happy and see the kitten from all angles etc. We are here most of the time for visits but you must make an appointment.

Our kittens should be used to seeing big dogs around, as they talk to our German Shepherd & Belgian Shepherd through the door, and on very hot or very cold days our dogs come inside to keep out of the weather, so they socialize with the kittens! We also have a new puppy who lives mostly indoors with the cats and kittens.

If you have a Saffireblu Ragdoll, and you ever need to go on holiday or re-home your cat for whatever reason; we can look after your Ragdoll whilst you are away or organize a new family for them to live with. Please give us a call immediately if this concerns you, and we will be more than happy to help you out, as rather than having you sell the kitten we would really like to know where they go and find them an approved home. We always want to have contact with the kitten and kitten owners if possible, so that we can keep an eye on their progress and well being, and be there to help the owner with any questions.

We love to be kept updated by the owners of our Saffireblu Ragdoll kittens, and we will help with anything we can throughout the Cat's whole lifetime, so please do call us if you ever have any problems or if you just want a chat, we love to receive updates and pictures of our big babies as they grow!