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Saffireblu Pet kittens Interstate & Overseas

Here are some of our Saffireblu kittens that are now living Interstate & Internationally with their new families - pictures taken by us & also by their owners! We will be uploading new pictures from their owners as they grow.






Both of these beautiful girls were from Lyssa & Ryder's litter born 15/09/2012, they reside together in Singapore in the lap of luxury with their owners Cherlyn & Ben!

Belle & Layla have wonderful temperaments and looks to match, they will hopefully do well when they start attending the local cat shows Singapore!

We are so proud of these beautiful girls and so thankful that they have such loving owners, they are pampered and treasured family members.

Very well done to Belle & Layla at their first show, both getting some amazing comments, placings and Premier status!!!


This gorgeous little girl also lives in Singapore as a cherished pet with Deborah & Eva. She has made herself quite at home and loves her new owners.
So happy for our gorgeous little girl :)

Jasmine is from Dawn & Orion's lovely litter of 7 born 26/12/12.


Our gorgeous Sparkie also now lives in Singapore with Angelina & Family.

We love this gorgeous boy and his new owners do too... he is just gorgeous!!! Sparkie is growing beautifully and doing well in his new home :)

Sparkie is from Dahla & Orion's litter of 5 boys born 11/2/13

Alfy & Bugsy are two very handsome boys from Frankie & Dahla's litter! They are going to live together in Singapore with Yuhui & Family.
These two boys stick together like glue, so glad they are staying together to live the pampered life with Yuhui.


Above - Claude and Steele cuddling each other before they left Australia, and a beautiful picture that was made by a good friend of Mary-Margaret's on a Ragdoll forum. This is Claude and Steele in front of the view they wake up to every single day! This Island is outside Mary-Margaret's front door! So jealous!

Above - This is the plane that Claude and Steele flew to Saipan on, you can actually see the man unloading their carry cage! Such a relief when they arrived safely, it was a bit of a drama for all involved, especially MM... hope it didn't send her grey before her time! And here they are on the right relaxing together in their new home, Steele is on the bottom and Claude on top, Steele has himself draped over two chairs! :)

 Saffireblu Claude Monet & Saffireblu Steele live a pampered life in Paradise with their lovely owner Mary-Margaret, these two boys have done us proud and although it was a very long process trying to get these beautiful kittens to Saipan it all worked out perfectly in the end.These two boys may just be the luckiest kittens in the world, they are the only Ragdolls on the Island and as we are told the only Ragdolls in the entire CNMI & Micronesia! They are very special boys and are treated like royalty, especially by Mary-Margaret's students at school! It is Claude and Steele's job to convert the Island into Ragdoll heaven! Saipan is a beautiful place, we had never heard of it until Mary-Margaret contacted us and sent us a beautiful picture of the view from her front door... Omg, Paradise!!! Saipan is above Guam, to the right of the Philippines, diagonally down to the right from Japan, and a long way to the left of Hawaii, if you look for it on google maps and then try to zoom out to see where it is in relation to any other country... by the time anything else appears on the map the island will have vanished, its tiny. A very beautiful and remote place! Thank you so much for giving our boys such a beautiful and loving home MM, we just cant wait to come and visit them and put our feet up! Hopefully that won't be too far away! xx

Claude and Steele are now 8 months old, just look below at how beautiful they have become! Steele is still the bigger boy at 5.6kg, and Claude is close behind at 5kg, they will be giants! We are also very impressed with their coats, considering they do live on a tropical Island! Wow! We are so proud of these boys :) Thank you so much Mary-Margaret for the updates xxxx

Above - Saffireblu Steele, what a handsome big boy he is now! Judging by the size of those paws he still has a lot of growing to do!

Above - Big boy! Saffireblu Claude Monet, just look at that beautiful Chocolate colour emerging as he matures, what a stunner! :)



Above - Here is a Video of a Helicopter flight around the beautiful Island of Saipan. Oh dear.... looks like we have to go and visit the boys regularly! 




 Below is Saffireblu Pablo Picasso (Chocolate point boy) & Saffireblu Mona Lisa (Blue point girl), these two are brother and sister and live together as loving pets for Matt & Janeen in Perth! They are both very loved by their new parents! They are beautiful to look at and very affectionate, they were a joy to raise! :)




Below is Saffireblu Tinkerbell & Saffireblu Oscar, our gorgeous babies who live with Lynda & Dave in Sydney. Tinka is a beautiful Blue tabby mitted with a blaze and Oscar is a handsome blue point, they are the best of friends and a perfect match :)


Below is Saffireblu Jaspa's Light, a gorgeous blue tabby point from our first ever litter (Mittens and Charlie), he lives with Hannah in Sydney and was actually our first kitten to travel interstate. We are very proud of this young man.


Below is Saffireblu Sienna Rose, she lives with Desmond and Alex in Sydney, she is a stunning Seal tortie Tabby point and looks just like her beautiful mum Yanni! We adore this girl, she is absolutely beautiful and her tortie legs are a work of art!


Below is Saffireblu When in Rome who lives in South Pambula with Justine and Family, he is a stunning Seal point boy and is maturing into a large, gorgeous and very cuddly family pet! He was from Bella and Charlie's litter.


Below is Saffireblu Charlie's Pride who lives with Rob in Sydney, he is another beautiful example of a Seal point Ragdoll and he absolutely adores his best friends - Nadia a Staffy puppy and Minnie a German Shepherd. This little man has a special name as he was from Charlie's last ever litter at Saffireblu and he was exactly like his dad in both looks and temperament.



Below is Saffireblu Jack of Hearts, a striking Lilac tabby point Ragdoll who lives with Craig and Family in Federal near Byron Bay. Jack is a lovely little boy and was from Evie and Bear. He is such a cutie!


Below is Saffireblu Lady Luck - a beautiful Blue point from Kizzy & Bear, and her friend Saffireblu Catch me if you Can - a handsome Seal point boy from Brie and Tyka. These two are living together with Cathy and Family in Tweed Heads, they are both beautiful Ragdolls with extremely loving natures and we are so proud of them :)





Below is Saffireblu Lovely Jubbly, a beautiful big Red tabby point Ragdoll boy who lives with Georgie and family in Melbourne. He was from our second litter and is full brother to Kizzy, he has a special nature, impressive size and a luxurious coat.



Below is Saffireblu Sweet Caroline who lives with Jodie in Melbourne. Lilly is full sister to Kizzy as she was from our second litter (Yanni and Charlie), she is a striking blue point girl and we are so proud of the stunning Ragdoll that she has grown into!


Below is Saffireblu Pixxie Perfect & Saffireblu Iron Paws, Pixxie is a lilac point girl and Paws is a blue point boy, they are brother and sister from Lyssa and Bear's first litter together. These two live a pampered life in Melbourne with Amanda and Family, they are very impressive to look at and have charming personalities.


Below is Saffireblu Indiyah, she is a beautiful Seal point girl from Bella and Charlie who lives with Grace in Melbourne. This little girl has the sweetest face and beautiful dark colour points, she looks so much like her mum Bella.


Below is Saffireblu Spyro, he is a cute Blue tabby point boy from Kizzy and Bear and he lives a relaxing life with Helena and Stuart in Melbourne. This little man is so special to us, he started off quite small but has really blossomed and is sure to grow into an absolute stunner, his coat is divine!