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This page is where you will find stories and reviews from the owners of our previous kittens! It is so lovely for us to get feedback and we think this is a good page for potential kitten owners to visit so they can read how different kittens react & settle in different homes & environments. Our babies are all unique, but here are some stories on how they have settled in and taken over their new homes so that you can get a bit of an idea! Thank you so much to the wonderful families who have adopted our babies for your feedback. xxx

 *If you are the happy owner of a Saffireblu Ragdoll kitten and would like to share a little bit about your kitten buying experience and/or stories about your kitten, please email [email protected] and we will put it on this page. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoy our lovely kitten stories below! :)

 We have some  very exciting news! On Wednesday 25th August 2012 we were lucky enough to see one of our Saffireblu Ragdoll kittens on Channel ten's show - The Project! "Saffireblu Dash O Mischief" (AKA Victor) resides in Melbourne and is owned by Australian Table Tennis Champion & three time Olympic Table Tennis player William Henzell & his lovely Fiance Danielle, who were both being interviewed prior to the Olympics, with Victor sitting proudly on their laps!!! Well done guys xx

Here is a lovely email we recieved from Danielle & William just recently (24/6/13 - Victor is 1.5yrs old)
Hi Robyn and Emily
How are you both? Hope you're doing well. I just thought I'd give you an update on our little man Victor. He's grown to a whopping 8.8kg and is literally double the size of Steve!! He is hilariously funny and keeps us entertained every night by doing silly things and wrestling with Steve. They are so cute, after a good wrestle they always cuddle and clean each other.
Victor has worked out how to open Williams zipped up backpacks to hunt for ping pong balls. We often wake up to his bag ripped open with all the contents strewn across the house whilst Steve and Vic play happily with a ping pong ball. He can also open any door unless its locked and he and Steve work together to break into rooms they aren't supposed to be in (like the toilet).
Victor has a strange liking to fruit/vegetable juices and I keep catching him with his head in my glass whilst I'm not looking. He gets more excited by kale than steak and we joke that he is a new age, vegetarian wannabe, cat.
 He sleeps on his back and sits like a person on the couch. It always cracks us up how much of a little man he really is.
We have only had him for just over a year but we already can't remember life without him. Especially Steve, he's so happy to have a little big brother.
 Thank you for bringing such a wonderful little guy into our lives, we love him with all our hearts.

Take care
Danielle, William, Steve and Victor xx

Jipsiglenn Ilyssah Tamaya of Saffireblu - Happy in her new Retirement home!!!!

Hi Again Robyn
Hope you and your kitties are all well.
Just reporting in on my beautiful Lyssa :) 
She's the most confident lively cat these days - no sign of the former lounge lizard! She is ALWAYS tearing around the house with her toys.  Maybe she knows she needs to keep moving to work off that big appetite (not sure if it's just her winter coat or if she's getting chunkier - possibly both!).
I've attached a couple of recent pics. I've got a photographer friend coming to stay later this month so am hoping he'll capture a 'professional portrait' of her - if she complies!
She is very dog like in her behaviour - I'm met at the door, followed constantly and she's never off the bed with me at night.  In fact I've put my plans for a puppy on hold for a while  as she's just so entertaining and fun. Am completely smitten.
Let me know if there's anything you'd like to know but can assure you she is very happy in her home.

Saffireblu Thats The Point - Well and truly settled in with his loving family :)

 Dear Robyn and Emily,

Po is doing great. We now call him Leonardo and use Po as his his middle name.

He is well loved, spoiled rotten and so much fun! He is always getting into mischief - 
if you leave a cupboard open or a gap somewhere he will try to get into it, he loves boxes and empty bins.
Once he was even locked in a cupboard accidentally when we didn't see him go in.
When it is hot we often find him fast asleep in the fruit bowl, which sits on the dining table.

He is a big boy, very fluffy with a nice round belly, he currently weighs 5kg, so he is well fed.  (he loves his food)
He likes everyone's bed, though especially mine and Jorgy's, now that it is cold he often climbs under the covers.
People always comment on his purring, which is loud and often. He loves being fussed and scratched and rubbed, even on the belly.
Everyone wants to steal him too as he is so affectionate and pretty.

I think its a case of him owning us and the house! He will follow us from room to room if we have been out for a while.
If you go outside, he will cry at the door until you come back in!

He makes us all very happy, we could go on and on about him. we have attached some photos of him for you to enjoy.

Thankyou for our wonderful furry family member.

The Batey Clan
Michael, Debra, Sophi, Jorgy, Ethan and Leonardo-Po

Saffireblu Lovely Jubbly (Paganini)'s loving family in Melbourne

My family were lucky enough to find SaffireBlu Ragdolls not long after the death of our beloved Siamese, Jess. From the start, Robyn was gentle, kind and helpful about finding us the perfect kitten to add to our family. With three small children, a flourishing music practice which teaches violin to dozens of primary aged children and family that was grieving deeply for our Siamese, this was no mean feat!
Robyn was so supportive and generous with her time, she sent through emails with beautifully photographed kittens and their parents, she patiently answered all our questions, and reassured us. As we are in Melbourne, we also had to navigate the process of getting our new little man down to us – Robyn was amazing throughout, and went above and beyond with her customer service and professionalism.
She was a fantastic judge of her kittens as well, and picked out someone that she felt was perfect for us. When he arrived, we couldn’t believe how amazing his temperament was – he was the picture of health, his fur glowed and was buttery soft. Our vets told us that he was one of the most magnificent kittens they had ever seen. While we have been told that Ragdolls are a wonderful breed, we believe that it is breeders like Robyn that are the true reason behind the reputation of ragdolls.

Thank you so much Robyn, for everything you have done for us. You didn’t just help us find the right kitten, but you’ve helped mend our broken hearts through your incredible kindness and your sublime kittens. If only everyone was lucky enough to have Saffireblu cat!
With thanks
Phil, Georgie, Rory, Mia and Imogen Burg”

 Saffireblu Griogair Moon (Milo) & Saffireblu Celtic Starr (Starr)'s new owners in Brisbane

“We had decided that we needed to have a cat in our lives again after babysitting my in-laws cat. But we needed to have cats that would be content to be indoors, I had heard of Ragdolls and so began my internet research. In doing this I came across Saffireblu.
And when I looked on their website their was Milo (formerly Griogair Moon) and it was love at first sight. I quickly arranged with Robyn to come and visit with the family. I was smart enough to take enough for two cats as I knew I wanted Milo but my husband would fall in love with another, which proved the case so we got Celtic Starr as well.

We bought both the boys home together, which I think was great they settled in better and also because we work they occupy each other. Starr is the little floosy and the attention seeker. If the house is quiet and he cant find you he will cry until you pick him up. He shares his attention around he loves nothing more than a cuddle and tough luck if you are on the computer he will sit on your mouse hand. He also begs at the table when you are eating. He also has a very interesting habit he showers with my husband and now showers with our son as well. These cats do like water but not many are to this extreme.
As for Milo he is a very independent and one person cat. He is very much my cat and when he seeks attention will seek it from me above others. Now and then he will allow others to give him affection. He also has a very interesting habit he will play fetch (but only with rolls of sticky tape, he can pick them up in his paws and mouth). He brings them back for you to throw.
I would thoroughly recommend getting two together, they have an absolute ball together we can often hear them playing inside when we leave of a morning and they both hop up on the bed in the morning with us and eat whats left of Kens cereal together. They are a joy to have and love.”

Terri & Ken, Brisbane

Saffireblu Jaspas Light (Jaspa) & Saffireblu Lolita Rose (Lollie)'s Mum/Slave In Sydney

Hannah sent us our first ever kitten enquiry, we are so glad that she contacted us and gave our beautiful Jaspa a perfect home! Jaspa was from our first litter and is a beautiful blue tabby point boy, born 1st May 2010 and often referred to as Fat Jas. Hannah lives in Sydney so we learnt very quickly about how to transport our babies interstate and everything worked our perfectly. Jaspa was the most beautiful kitten, an absolute poser and a pleasure for us to raise. Jaspa settled in so well to his new home and we cant thank Hannah enough for all of the lovely updates and photos we receive. It is so rewarding for us to see our kittens blossom into such beautiful companions. :)

Hannah now has purchased a friend for Jaspa, Lollie arrived at her new home in May 2012 and quickly worked her magic on Jaspa, they are now good friends! Thank you for giving this loving girl a good home, we can already see that she is spoilt just like Fat Jas! Lucky kitties :)

 “I am very happy with my Jaspa. He settled in so fast! Upon arrival from the airport he jumped out and started to explore taking over the house within an hour before coming to snuggle on my lap for a nap. He is now Mr. Confident, always exploring and playing games including fetch and he loves to ride in the car on weekends. I love my Jas Cat. Thanks Saffireblu!!!”

Hannah, Sydney

 Saffireblu Izrael (Simba)'s new loving family in Townsville

 “Simba has settled very well into our life over the past couple of weeks. He is so very affectionate and loves curling up on my lap in the lounge and sleeping at the end of my son's bed during the night.

Simba's adoption was hassle free. I found Simba online and enjoyed reading specific information and seeing photos of  Simba and his parents.  I was immediately comfortable with you Robyn, and  you gave me confidence that the kittens were more like family than just another kitten in the breeding program.

 Raelene & Family"

Saffireblu When In Rome (Roman)'s beautiful new family in NSW

 "We are over the moon with our adoption of Roman. Robyn & Emily were more than happy to answer any questions & nothing was a hassle.

We were kept up to date with Roman by email & phone calls every step of the way. He was flown from Brisbane to Sydney then onto us & he arrived bright as a button & happy as larry. 

He has settled in fabulously & is such a joy to our family. He loves being held & getting carried around & if we leave the room, Roman is right behind us. He is very smoochy & affectionate & we couldn't of picked a better member for our family. <3

We are so thrilled with Roman that when we are next after a kitten, Saffireblu will be our first choice.

Thanks again Robyn & Emily, we are overjoyed with him.

 Justine, Nick, Blake, Haylee, Tianna & Kane xxxx"

Pambula, NSW

 Saffireblu Gently Bentley (Henry)'s mum Tonia in Brisbane

"When I realised that I was absolutely a cat person and needed one in my life, I thought searching for the right one would take some time. But then I found Saffireblu's site, and had a scan of the kitten pictures....and it was love at first sight. I saw (soon to be named) Henry's photo and just HAD to see him. Did I worry that I was rushing into something so quick? Nope. Because when I arrived at the house Robyn was just so welcoming and helpful that I didn't feel at all hesitant. It was clear that she had an extensive knowledge of Ragdolls and breeding, and that she loves her work, happy to answer all my questions while I played with the kittens and waited to see which one would pick me. (It was Henry, of course - he came up and played with my bracelet). All the cats looked healthy, loved and cared for. You couldn't pick a better environment for your kitten to grow up in and learn its manners! As for Henry - he has been the best investment I ever made. He's got the most character of any cat I've ever known - he's cheeky, but in a sweet way so he gets away with it. Literally every person that has met him has fallen in love with him -  even my dad who did NOT like the idea of me getting a cat, now has half of Henry's hair on his jumper because he cuddles him so much. When Henry was tiny he slept on my pillow with his head on mine, and now that he's bigger he'll curl up  next to me with his paw resting on my hand. He looks up whenever I say his name, and even if he's asleep he'll get up and follow me, yawning all the while, if I leave the room. I couldn't ask for a better companion! 

-Tonia, Henry's mum. :)"

Saffireblu Mystic Mhairi (Princess), Saffireblu Toulouse (Toulouse) & Saffireblu A Touch of Magic (Benny)'s loving owners on the Gold Coast

 Princess was from our first ever litter at Saffireblu, she is a Blue Tabby mitted with a Blaze and is an exact clone of her mum Mittens! Melissa & family adopted the beautiful Princess and gave her the most beautiful home, she is living in the lap of luxury! We always receive beautiful pictures of Princess and cute videos too, she is such a cheeky girl, she plays with hats, slippers, fish, birds... anything she can really sink her teeth into lol! She was the baby of the litter but you would never know now, she is so beautiful, fluffy and healthy, she is such a happy girl. She got a bit lonely for a while there so Melissa came back and adopted our little Toulouse (or 'Wee Man' as we called him). He is a Blue tabby point and is so adorable, he was also the baby of his litter and he actually had to be bottle fed for a while there as he was just so small at birth, we grew very attached to him because of this and he ended up being as big as his siblings! Again, you would never know that he was the baby either! He is looking magnificent, he is a big kitten and looks like he will outgrow Princess when he is finished! His beautiful thick fur is now coming in and he has Princess wrapped around his little paw, who could resist him really - he has the most adorable face! We would like to thank Melissa, PJ, Jack & Lilly so very, very much for giving these two beautiful kittens such a perfect home, we couldn't be happier and we are just so proud of their progress with you, they are such stunning kittens. Thank you xxxx

Saffireblu A Touch of Magic (Benny) has now also gone to live with Melissa & Family! What a lucky little man! He is already best friends with Toulouse but Princess isn't too sure yet about this young hooligan! Can't wait to see them all cuddled up together!

Just have a look how beautiful the pictures below are, they are in love, and they watch the boats go by together!!

We received the below update from Melissa shortly after she adopted our beautiful Princess... so lovely! 

I don't know how you do it. I would want to interview everyone and then have a private detective tail them for at least a month!
She is such a special little girl and she makes us laugh every day. I love that she is starting to come when she is called.  But by far my most favourite part of the day is when she comes in for cuddles and kisses in the morning, she is at her most affectionate at this time. I'm just trying to justify laying in bed all day.
Melissa x

  And this one is after they brought little Toulouse home, he got used to his new home so quickly, what a good boy :)

"Hi Girls,
We made it home safe and sound. I introduced the kitten to the massive, huge, tiger like cat (well that is what she looks like compared to Toulouse). He didn't even flinch but she was very curious and cautious. He is in my room with the door closed and Princess on the other side just waiting (I don't know what for). Anyway I have showed him his tray and he has had a little bit to eat and a bit of a play and he has had many purrs and rubs and cuddles and kisses. He is now by himself hopefully sleeping. He is so far very affectionate, and I absolutely love his swagger when he walks, he thinks he owns the place already. I have never seen a kitten settle so quickly. Although I love all your beautiful babies, I'm very happy with my choice. So thank you a thousand times,  he is mending my broken heart.

Meow xxxx"

 Thanks to Melissa we have lots of videos of Princess, Toulouse & Benny grooming each other, playing and generally getting into mischief on our Saffireblu Youtube page! They are so sweet together, Princess would have been such a doting Mum! Please have a look as they are absolutely gorgeous!

Saffireblu Laurie Lullaby (LuLu)'s new loving family in Brisbane.

"Hello All,

Gerard sent the photos last night so you didn’t get any story with them!!  Well, we absolutely adore her.  She is just the best pet we could have chosen for Layla – just the kindest, gentlest little personality, but always ready for a game too.  She is completely happy here – got little spots all over the house that are ‘hers’ (well, that’s just anywhere she wants really, Layla would give her anything!!!).  Eats everything – a couple of days ago Will threw some food onto the floor – it was watermelon, ham, sweet potato and bread.  When I turned around, it was all gone – so Lulu had obviously enjoyed a healthy snack!  You can be assured that she is well looked after and thriving.

Hope all your other babies are doing well and that you have found good homes for them. 

Will TRY to send more photos in the future – RING ME and remind me, you know I am hopeless!!!

Thanks again so much, we love her.

Best wishes to you all,

Nicole, Gerard, Layla and Will xx"

Saffireblu Truffle & Saffireblu Tippi Toes (Tootsie)'s new adoptive parents in Brisbane

 "Lovely to hear from you. We would be delighted to provide you some feedback. This is going to take me some time because as I sit here to provide you feedback Toots is lying over my left arm purring away, so I am typing one handed (not very easy!).

We are exceptionally pleased that we firstly decided on the ragdoll breed but secondly and most importantly we purchased them from you. They have been delightful and have such different personalities. She loves to purr all day long. If you get her started in the morning she will purr all day. Truffle likes to purr at night time when you are trying to sleep. If he can get under your arm or across your chest and you give him a little stroke in the middle of the night he purrs like a king. He also loves being picked up during the day and cuddled. Toots is not too fussed by this activity, there is far too much exploring to be done.

We have been taking them outside in the backyard every weekend for the past few months and they seem to enjoy that immensely. Truffle meows at the door most weekends until we take him out. We have settled into a good routine, spoilt in the morning, spoilt during the day (on the weekends) and spoilt at night it seems to be working well. We have had very few hick-ups along the way and there is no doubt that there time with you and the other cats has made them the beautiful animals they are today. Their temperament is fantastic, we have had no problems either with ourselves or any visitors. The only time we have been scratched is when we give Toots a bath, Truf on the other hand couldn’t care less, in fact we think he quite enjoys the pampering (particularly the blowdrying).  

We have attached a couple of photos but we will try and get some better ones over the next couple of days/weeks to send through for you to put on your website. They are hard to catch on the camera because Truf likes to hide from you and Toots just wants to chew the camera strap so she gets too close to take pictures.

Sorry for the delay in our response. We hope you, your family and all the animals are well.

  Bec, Adam, Truffle and Toots"

Saffireblu Tinkerbell & Saffireblu Oscar's new adoptive parents in Sydney.

"After deciding it was time to find my longed for Ragdoll kitten I began contacting breeders in Sydney with no luck, so I tried interstate and found Saffireblu. Robyn had a litter born that morning – 3 boys & 1 very tiny girl, and she thought the girl might be blue, YAY!!! After a few days, a few emails and quite a few photos we’d fallen for her!! The wait for Tinka to come home felt like an eternity, but Robyn & Emily sent us weekly photo’s and lovely emails, ( and a few long friendly phone chats) so we could see what she was up to & how beautifully she was growing. They answered all my silly questions (sorry girls)! & organised her flight to us in Sydney.

Right from the day she came home Tinka has been an absolute angel. She’s a very playful kitten who loves to play fetch with foil balls, and she even plays hide and seek too!! Such a clever kitty! She loves her food, and her sleep, in lots of favourite spots throughout the house and hardly ever in the expensive cat bed we bought her!! She loves her cuddles & is at her most cuddliest and affectionate first thing in the morning when she hops on the bed with us for a snuggle – she’s very smoochy and purry then. She just loves to be with us all the time, following if we leave the room, and loves to ride the mop when I’m washing the floors!! She’s very good at nail clipping & brushing time, and just goes floppy in my lap while we’re doing this boring stuff – I think she figured quickly that to struggle makes it take longer!! She really enjoys going outside on her harness to chase lizards and watch the birds. She tends to ignore me when we’re out in the garden cause she’s busy pretending she’s an ‘outside cat’ haha!

I’m so glad I found Saffireblu, and can’t thank Robyn & Emily enough for our beautiful Tinka, we love her to bits & we’ve decided she needs a playmate! be continued.......

And home came our gorgeous little man Oscar........

Oscar has settled in so well, maybe because Tinka was here to show him the ropes! He is her little shadow – whatever she does, he does (copy cat) hehe, he even hops in the litter tray when she’s using it which looks very cute! Tinka is mothering him so beautifully, and treats him like her baby, always pinning him down and washing him, especially in those places he can’t quite reach, and when he’s had enough he flips over and pins her down and returns the favour!!

We’re so thrilled with Oscar – he’s such a gentle kitten & so playful ( he loves the foil balls too, and likes to trot around the house with one in his mouth, and usually takes them onto our bed to play with – when they roll off he chases them & then it’s back up on the bed to do it again)! He adores cuddles and tummy tickles, and thinks his tail is just the best toy ever!! He hasn’t scratched or bitten anyone when he’s playing, and just seems to know when it’s our hand to be gentle. He’s very sweet natured & so easygoing, and struts around like he owns the place without a care in the world, and he has a way of making you feel very calm when you’re holding him. He has such a cute little meow & he really is such a happy little boy all the time & when you look at his profile he looks like he’s smiling hehe! Oh and something else, MY GOSH CAN THIS BOY EAT!!!! Also he sleeps on our bed most nights too – little smoocher....

Tinka is growing & looking so beautiful, her coat is so thick, soft and fluffy, and the bigger she gets the more gorgeous she is to cuddle! We’re now positive getting her a playmate was the right thing to do – they love each other so much and play together so cutely. We love hearing them tear through the house chasing each other & taking it in turns to be the chaser and chasee! They call out to each other if they become seperated – a lovely little trilling sound, so pretty to hear.

We can’t wait to see what Tinka and Oscar look like all grown up, but for the moment we’re enjoying their short-lived kittenhood – so much fun!!

We’ll be forever thanking you Robyn & Emily for these two beautiful babies – we adore them so much, and couldn’t imagine our lives without them. Thank-you xx

Lots of love and purrs

Lynda and Dave xx

Tinka and Oscar xx Meow Meow"

Saffireblu Roulette (Cherri)'s Loving Family in Brisbane!

Just thought I would e-mail you about Cherri! Mum and I have agreed that
she is a marshmallow on legs because of how sweet she is >< She is such
a sweet heart!! We absolutely love her and her personality, we just want
to cuddle her all day and I doubt that Cherri minds all that much.
However, theres also some very funny things about her that we also love.
We have never had a cat that do what she does. She is a very vocal cat
however, not meowing but making this strange cute squeaking sound. Its
like she is purring and meowing but without opening her mouth, I tried
looking it up and I think it is called /chirping/ but I am not sure. I
have never seen a cat do that and she does it alllllllllllllllll the
time! It is soooooooo cute!!!! >< When she jumps off funiture, she makes
the noise when she lands and when she is playing or running around or
whenever! She makes you smile with that noise!
Another things she does is play fetch, hide and seek and tag. We throw
alfoil balls and she spends ages just running around after them and
sometime walking around with it in her mouth. She often plays with me,
playing tag. Its funny, she gives me this wide eyed look, runs at me and
jumps. I attached a photo I found on the internet of how she jumps
towards you. Its so funny!
I often also hide behind a corner, occasionally looking around, she
stares at me for a moment but she is too curious, makes her cute noise
and runs over to me, wondering what I am doing. Mum says she is really
attached to me which I am glad. She comes and sits on my lap without me
having to do anything and she just waits for me to start patting her and
most of the time, when I pick her up she immediately starts purring!
Anyway, we are really happy with her and absolutely adore her! Sorry
that I wasn't able to include any photos. I have some however, its just
a bit hard trying to capture her completely to get a good image as she
is sooooooo active and running around all the time.
- Keilah and Shayne"


Hopefully I'll be able to take some photos, however she makes it so
difficult -.- . Yer, she is a bit of a nutter, but we are glad she has
the personality she does! I'm glad she doesn't just sit around all day
and do nothing. However Cherri doesn't chirp when she jumps but she does
it every 2 minutes lol Yeah, she does seem to match me perfectly, its
like she was made for me ^^
Yes, it would be fine to put our story up on the website. We are
absolutely in love with her. Every time she walks past, mum and I just
want to pick her up and cuddle her because she just looks so cuddly and
Thank you for breeding such a beautiful cat!!
-Keilah and Shayne"