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More of a quiet show year for us this year, some good results still at the select few shows we attended. Very proud of our Cats and Kittens :)

This year some of our Saffireblu Kittens debuted at a Cat Show in Singapore! Belle and Layla both earned their Premier status at their first show and received promising feedback and placings. Well done girls, and Cherlyn & Ben for presenting them so beautifully and taking such good care of them!

QFA Show on Sunday 10th November 2013 at the Strathpine Community Centre
Judges - R1 Deborah Hartwig (QFA), R2 Barbara LaRocca (QFA), R3 Jenny Weekes (QFA) & Supreme Judy Lewis (QFA).

Our Saffireblu stunner Eli attended this show. He is a Seal Bicolour from Grand Champion CherishMe Orion's Belt & Saffireblu Dancin in the Dark - who is from ACF AoE Gold Double Grand Champion CherishMe Storm Ryder & Double Grand Champion Saffireblu Midnight. This cat is so special to us, an exquisite Ragdoll with the best nature imaginable and great type, made by a culmination of most of our favourite cats ever! He is so lovely. Although he hid a little under his show cushion today (only his second ever show!) he did us proud. A little disappointing he didn't get higher placings, but the comments on his type were invaluable.


R1 - Kittens - Vickie Shields (TICA USA), Cats - Adriana Kajon (TICA USA), Desexed - Vickie Shields (TICA USA).
R2 - Kittens - Carlos Lopez (TICA Argentina), Cats - Allan Davies (CFCCQ), Desexed - Carlos Lopez (TICA Argentina).
R3 - Kittens - Phillipa Holmes (TICA UK), Cats - Phillipa Holmes (TICA UK), Desexed - Allan Davies (CFCCQ).
R4 - Kittens - Julie Walker (QICC), Cats - Penny Bydlinski (FIFE UK), Desexed - Penny Bydlinski (FIFE UK).
Ragdoll Specialty - Adriana Kajon (TICA USA).

So exciting to have these beauties on display for many international judges.  :)

Adriana Kajon TICA USA (Ragdoll Specialty) 9th out of 50 Ragdoll Exhibits present - Adult & Kitten.

R1 - Best Ragdoll Alter, Reserve in Show,
R2 - 3rd Best Ragdoll Alter & 9th Best in Show.
R3 - 3rd Best Ragdoll Alter, 7th Best in Show.
R4 - Reserve Best Ragdoll Alter, 5th Best in Show.

 R4 - Best Ragdoll kitten, 4th Best in Show.

R3 - Best Seal Bicolour kitten, Reserve Best Ragdoll kitten, 3rd Best in Show.
Adriana Kajon TICA USA (Ragdoll specialty Judge) Best Seal Bicolour kitten, 3rd Best Ragdoll kitten.

Judges - R1 - Wendy Hamilton (NSWCFA), R2 - Janis Christison (QFA), R3 - Marion Cooper (FCCQ)


R2 -  5th Best of Breed, 10th Best in Show
R3 - RESERVE BEST OF BREED, 7th Best in Show
So proud of Sam's effort for his first show! He received some great comments and should do well in the future :)

R1 - Reserve Best of Breed, 3rd Best in Show
R2 - Reserve Best of Breed, 3rd Best in Show
R3 - Reserve Best of Breed, 3rd Best in Show
Bagpuss did so well today considering what he was up against, love this big sooky boy :)

R3 - 5th Best of Breed
No other placings today, but some valuable comments, Wizzy always behaves superbly, stomping on his cushion and sleeping all day long :)

QFA Cat Spectacular -  Sunday 24th March @ The Strathpine Community Centre.
We only attended one day of this 2 day show.
Judges are Kim Cutter (SACC), Carolyn Prisser (CFA) & Fiona Cooper (TFA NSW)

CHEZRAGGZ ANNA SEWELL - Blue tortie tabby mitted Future Queen - 7mths old - Anna's 3rd show
Anna recieved some great comments at this show and behaved beautifully.
She was placed as 3rd Best of Breed (out of 17) & 13th Best Kitten in Show (out of 41) under judge Fiona Cooper from NSW. She didnt place in the other 2 rings, it was stiff competition and a massive show.

GRAND CHAMPION SAFFIREBLU CHERISH ME - Lilac Point show neuter owned by Shae, 15mths old.
Angel did so well today, we are very proud of her!!! She has been recieving fantastic comments lately about her look, temperament and especially her eyes. A few Judges and Fellow Breeders have said that she is one of the nicest Ragdoll females they have ever seen!
Angel placed as BEST RAGDOLL under judges Carolyn Prisser (USA) & Fiona Cooper (NSW), she was placed above her Great Grandfather who is absolutely stunning - a mature 4 year old Blue bicolour, this is fantastic news for Angel that she can go up against the big boys (and the Mainecoons, Persians and Forest Cats!). She also placed as 10th Best in Show under Fiona Cooper, and 6th Best in Show under Carolyn Prisser.
Very well done Angel!!!

We also had Saffireblu Pinball Wizard, Saffireblu Skys the Limit, Saffireblu Victorias Secret and Saffireblu Its my Destiny there (Destiny is owned by Sharon of CherishMe). All of these kittens received great comments on their type but didnt place today.

QICC/FCCQ Show at Springwood on the 3/3/13
Judges at this show were - R1 Theresa Imboden-Johnson (TFA), R2 Chris Clewley (QICC), R3 Ian Honour (FCCQ), R4 Julie Walker (QICC)

Champion Dirleton Lady Sienna (NANNA) - our 8 year old Seal Tabby point Spey attended this show. She had some great comments from all judges and behaved beautifully, even if it was her first show in atleast 5 years! Nanna was entered in the 'Golden Oldie' ring, especially for exhibits over 7 years old! Nanna took out 1st Place against 8 gorgeous mature cats! Nanna also recieved 44 points towards her Grand Champion Status!
Well done beautiful girl!

 ChezRaggz Anna Sewell  (ANNA) - our 5mth old Blue tortie tabby mitted future Queen behaved superbly as always! She recieved some great comments on her head type, ear set, markings, eye colour, tail length, boning and presentation. She was placed as 3rd Best of Breed (of 9) and 8th Best in show (of 19) in ring 1.

 Saffireblu Pinball Wizard (WIZZ) -  our 12wk old Blue tabby bicolour boy had his first experience of showing today. He received some fabulous comments on his type but being one of the smaller kittens there he didnt stand much of a chance against the more mature kittens. He was a little unsure at the start of the day, but soon went to sleep, and when he woke up he just kept stomping his feet and purring for the rest of the day. A very relaxed boy. Hopefully when he gets bigger and his colour comes through more he will do well :)

Saffireblu Star of the Show (HOWIE) - the stunning Seal Bicolour show neuter owned by Caro & Minh strutted his stuff on the bench today. He was such a good boy as always and looked absolutely fantastic, we are very proud of him! Howie was placed as Best Ragdoll Alter in rings 1 and 4, Reserve Best Ragdoll Alter in rings 2 and 3, 7th Best in Show ring 1, 4th Best in Show in rings 2 & 3, and Reserve Best in Show ring 4.
This is great news for our Howie beating some fantastic Maine coons, Persians, Birmans & Norwegian Forest Cats, he was also competing against his Great Grandfather - they both took out two rings each! Howie received 44 points towards his first status (this was his first adult show), and he also recieved his first ACF AoE Certificate!
Good work handsome Howie!!
FCCQ Show at Springwood - 17/2/13

GRAND CHAMPION SAFFIREBLU CHERISH ME (ANGEL) attended this show. She is a stunning Lilac point girl from Misty & Ryder and is proudly owned and shown by Shae Whelan.
Angel has the perfect show temperament and absolutely loves the day out and getting cuddles from the judges.

Angel was the only Ragdoll exhibited in the Desexed Ring today so was placed as Best Ragdoll in All 3 Rings.

R1 Judge Michael Bowra (QFA) placed her 4th Best in Show for her 'beautiful China blue eyes'

R2 Judge Geoff Dumigan (QFA) placed her 3rd Best in Show and commented that she was a beautiful girl and one of the nicest Ragdolls he had seen!

R3 Les Pitkin CFCCQ only announced a top 5 and didn't place her.

Very well done beautiful girl!! So proud of you! Angel now has her Grand Champion Status :)

 QFA Australia Day show - 27/1/13 - Lawnton Showgrounds.
The Judges for this show were  R1 - Marion Cooper, R2 - Marie Mahoney, R3 - Nadine Savage

SaffireBlu Skys the Limit - Blue point female
R1 - Reserve Best blue point (of 3), 5th Best Ragdoll kitten (of 11), 15th Best in Show (of 29)
R2 - Reserve Best Blue point (of 3), 5th Best Ragdoll Kitten (of 11), 10th Best in Show (of 29)

GypsyHart Diamonds R Forever - Chocolate Bicolour female
Monti recieved some wonderful comments on her type and the judges didn't fault her on anything, but still she did not place today as there were so many gorgeous kittens there.

ChezRaggz Anna Sewell - Blue tortie tabby mitted female
R1 - BEST RAGDOLL KITTEN (of 11), 4th Best in Show (of 29)
R2 - 4th Best of Breed (of 11), 9th Best in Show (of 29)
  • Anna with Marion Cooper
    Anna with Marion Cooper
  • Anna with Nadine Savage
    Anna with Nadine Savage
  • Monti with Marie Mahoney
    Monti with Marie Mahoney
  • Skyla with Nadine Savage
    Skyla with Nadine Savage
  • Monti with Nadine Savage
    Monti with Nadine Savage
  • Monti with Nadine Savage
    Monti with Nadine Savage
  • Skyla with Marion Cooper
    Skyla with Marion Cooper
  • Monti with Marie Mahoney
    Monti with Marie Mahoney
  • Anna with Nadine Savage
    Anna with Nadine Savage
  • Skyla with Nadine Savage
    Skyla with Nadine Savage
  • Anna with Nadine Savage
    Anna with Nadine Savage
  • Monti with Marion Cooper
    Monti with Marion Cooper
  • Anna with her first two Rosettes! Skyla also receieved two :)
    Anna with her first two Rosettes! Skyla also receieved two :)
Anna with Marion Cooper
Anna with Marion Cooper