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Our Show Results 2011

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2011 was a fantastic show year for us! We really focused on having our own Saffireblu Kittens on the show bench and we had some impressive results with them, Including a BEST OF BREED & BEST IN SHOW at the ACF Nationals with Saffireblu Midnight! This was our first ever Best in Show award and it was an amazing show to win it at! In the later half of the year we have been focusing on showing our Future Studs - Ryder & Teddy who have won many BOB & BIS awards.Many of our kittens have won Judges & Stewards choice awards this year for their personalities and features! Coco & Chanel (our Companions) earned their Grand Champion Status at the first show of the year, and we decided to stop showing them after this.

On the Show bench in 2011 we exhibited Coco & Chanel (Both Grand Champions), Saffireblu Kiss me Kirsty (She earned her Champion status this year), Saffireblu Midnight (She earned her Double Grand Champion status this year), Saffireblu Dash, Radiant Big Bear (He earned his Grand Champion status this year), Saffireblu Teddy Bear (He earned his Champion Status at the final show and also won  GROUP 1 RESERVE KITTEN OF THE YEAR with FCCQ), Saffireblu Snow Phantom, CherishMe Storm Ryder (He earned his Double Grand Champion Status this year and won SUPREME GROUP 1 EXHIBIT at TWO different shows!), Saffireblu Song of Ice n Fire, Saffireblu Just Imagine & Radiant Origin of Symmetry.

It really was a great year and we couldn't be more proud of ALL of our babies, or more thankful to the breeders who have helped make this year's results possible! If it wasn't for Kerry of Jipsiglenn and Karen of Radiant we wouldn't have bred the beautiful cats that did so well this year, and of course we would love to thank Sharon of CherishMe for our stunning blue bicolour boy Ryder, who has really made an impression on the show bench this year! We entered a LOT of shows in 2011 and really started enjoying it much more, we think it is a very important part of breeding and it really is a good day out, where we get to learn about other breeds, meet new people, see some stunning exhibits and get the much needed feedback from local, national and international judges on our own breeding cats and kittens. We are so lucky to have had some amazing feedback from interstate and international judges such as those from New Zealand, South Africa and America - including the president of TICA herself who gave Ryder a Best of Breed and Teddy Reserve Best of Breed, we are so proud of them!

We are hoping for quite a big show year next year too, so fingers crossed we do half as well as this year!


QFA Christmas Show at Lawnton - Final show for the year 20/11/11

What a fantastic end to the show year, we are so proud of our babies today!

We went to this show with our three young studs - Saffireblu Dash, Saffireblu Teddy Bear & GD CH CherishMe Storm Ryder, and our two baby girls went to a show for the first time too - Saffireblu Just Imagine and Saffireblu Song of Ice n Fire.

Saffireblu Dash hasn't been to a show since he was in the kitten ring, he is now 1 year old and was right back at home on the show bench, sleeping and relaxing all day, and eating the judges toys of course! Dash got some really lovely comments about his general structure, boning and temperament, his tail length and point colour but he was told by one of the judges that he was a little overweight! They said that obviously he will trim down once he starts working as a stud boy, he has been in with Mittens for a week or two but she does not want to play the game with him! Hopefully once he starts to burn off some calories we can take him back to the shows and see how he goes, he certainly has a healthy covering and a very muscular build. Dash was placed as 8th Best in Show (R1 Deborah Hartwig), 9th Best in show (R2 Denise Figg) and 10th Best in Show (R3 Jenny Weekes), we are proud of his performance today for not being shown for such a long time. Dashy got all 33 points so he is well on his way to becoming a Champion now.

Our Saffireblu Teddy Bear did quite well today, he was consistently placed as 3rd Best of Breed and placed in the top 10 as 6th Best in Show twice (R1 & R3) and 7th Best in Show (R2 Denise Figg). Teddy of course flopped for the judges and enjoyed a chin scratch, he played with the toys and enjoyed a good day out! He now has enough points for his Champion Status, go Teddy... we cant wait to see how he goes next year when he is a little older, he is only just 9mths!

 GD CH CherishMe Storm Ryder amazed us today! He was so well behaved (apart from the usual poop in the car - Thanks Fiona and Sue for helping and showing us how to rectify the problem so quickly!). Ryder well and truly wowed the judges today, we couldn't be more proud of him! Ryder got placed as Best of Breed in All 3 Rings! He placed as Best in Show in 2 rings (R1 & R3), and 3rd Best in show in the other ring (Denise Figg R2)! He was then selected by Judy Lewis as Supreme Longhair Exhibit in Show, out of 48 Cats, Kittens and Alters in total!!!! We honestly didnt expect him to win over the amazing mature Maine coon boy, but it was Ryder's size for his age and breed that took him over the edge. From the points Ryder earned himself today, he now has his Double Grand Champion Status! Well done beautiful boy, and congratulations to Sharon of CherishMe for breeding such a great big monster! :D

 It was Saffireblu Just Imagine (Immie)'s first ever show today and she was pretty nervous, she got some lovely comments on her length of tail, colour points, her profile and her body length, but she didnt place out of the 33 kittens. Hopefully when Immie grows up a little and builds her confidence on the show bench we will have some good results with her, we didn't get any negative feedback at all. We are so proud of her for being so well behaved in her show cage, on the bench and on the long car ride.

 Saffireblu Song of Ice n Fire (Scarlette), our newest baby girl amazed us today. She was 10wks and 6 days old, nearly the youngest kitten at the show! She was so well behaved, more brave than her friend Immie and she just loved all of the attention, she seems to be a natural show cat! Scarlette got some wonderful comments and the 3 judges all wanted to sneak her into their pockets! Scarlette ended up placing as 6th Best of Breed (R1 Deborah Hartwig) and 8th Best of Breed (R2 Denise Figg) out of 18 Ragdoll kittens, which is amazing for such a little baby, we really didnt expect her to place, we just took her to hear some feedback. She also placed in the top 15 in Ring 1 as 13th Best in show out of 33 (R1 Deborah Hartwig)!! Scarlette won the heart of Denise Figg in ring 2 and took out the 'Judges Fancy' award and won herself a lovely Sash, and she also got a 'Stewards Choice' award rosette!! She is absolutely adorable, hopefully she has a bright future ahead of her!

It was a lovely day with lots of people getting into the Christmas spirit and decorating their cages to win a prize, we ran out of time to participate but it was lovely to see such beautifully decorated show cages. Well done to all of our friends and their beautiful cats and kittens on their results today, look forward to seeing you all next year and we hope you have safe and happy holidays!


QFA Sunshine Coast Cooloola 'Forest Cats' 4 ring show at Lawnton 30/10/12


What an awesome day today! It was the Forest Cat specialty show and there were some amazing Siberians, Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats and kittens there! Its lovely to see such big cats on the show bench, we are getting more and more interested in the Norwegian Forest cats... we hope to have a Norwegian female one day!

There were 3 rings in this show and a 4th 'Challenge only Ring' - all of our babies were in the adult ring this time where there were 4 Ragdolls and 10 cats in total.

We took our beautiful girl Misty as it is her last show before we plan to mate her to Ryder, we hope she will start to call in the next couple of days so that will be exciting! Ryder also went of course, and it was Teddy's 9 month old birthday today so it was his first time in the adult ring! Misty did quite well today, she got some lovely comments on her profile and her presentation, and she got all of her points and earned her Double Grand Champion Status! Yay!!!

 Teddy surprised us with some amazing results, we couldn't be happier with this little man! He earned 44 points towards his first status, and got some amazing comments on his boning, ear set, profile, eye shape and colour, his presentation and his tail. And of course his temperament lol, he is such a floppy boy on the show bench! The only thing they said would improve is his coat and eye colour as he matures. He was placed as Best Blue point in 2 out of the 3 rings (R1 - Allan Raymond CFA USA & R3 Debbie Cameron CFA NSW), and placed as Best of Breed in those same 2 rings! He also got placed as 4th Best Group 1 exhibit twice behind some stunning Maine Coons and Siberians.

 Ryder did an excellent job today too, gaining another 53 points and earning himself Grand Champion status! He also got his first ACF Award certificate which was exciting! The judges loved Ryder - his size and boning, eye colour/shape, point colour, his ear set and his coat - they had to keep checking that he was only 10mths old as he is such a big boy! Ray Clarke said that for a cat this age showing such potential and size already (both bone wise and muscular) with out having mated yet it shows that he will be a huge stud and if he was breeding Ragdolls it would be an honour to have him in his breeding program! So thank you Ray for such lovely comments and for Sharon of course for breeding this beautiful big monster! He placed as Best of Breed in Ring 2 under Ray Clarke (QFA) and Reserve Best of Breed in Ring 1 under Allan Raymond (CFA USA), he placed in the top 10 as Best Group 1 exhibit in Ring 2 with Ray Clarke, and 6th Best Group 1 exhibit with Allan Raymond (CFA USA).

All in all it was a great day, Tracy came to visit and give us updates on Echo which was lovely, sounds like she is still as naughty as she was when she went home hehe! Thank you for coming along to say hello, I know you were in your element! We cant wait for the show on the 20th November as we will have some babies in the kitten ring again, it will be good to get a bench mark for our little Scarlette and our Immie, all of our other babies have grown up so fast!!! Its kinda scary!


CFCCQ Hinterland All breeds 4 ring show at Everton Park 23/10/11

We just attended this show with Ryder, Misty & Teddy - Ryder gained more than enough points for his Champion status, and Misty is now very nearly all the way to Double Grand Champion, Teddy celebrated his last time in the kitten ring! yay! It was a pretty good day all up and all of our breeder friends did very well.

CherishMe Storm Ryder is now a Champion! He did well for points today, earning another 53! He was placed as Best of Breed in Ring 1 and 3rd Best of Breed in Rings 2, 3 & 4. He placed in the top 10 as Best in Show under New Zealand Judge Jo Millar in Ring 1, then placed as 7th Best in Show in ring 4, and 9th Best in Show in rings 2 and 3. There were 13 cats in the adult ring, 5 of them being Ragdolls so we are quite happy with these placings as he is one of the youngest in the ring! Ryder got some lovely comments again today and behaved beautifully, although we had to bath him at the show hall as he decided to go to the toilet in his cage, he came up beautifully before the show started and dried in time! He really needs to stop making a habit of this lol. Well done Mr. Ryder!

GD CH Saffireblu Midnight was one of the only females in the adult ring today, she earned all of her 44 points so after one more show we hope that she will be a Double Grand Champion, we will probably stop showing her from then on so that she can have some gorgeous kittens with Ryder! She didn't really get any good placings today although she got some lovely comments and behaved perfectly.

 Saffireblu Teddy Bear did quite well today, not as well as he has been doing at previous shows but he still got some good results considering the kitten ring was pretty big. He was placed as 3rd Best of Breed in Ring 1,  5th Best of Breed in Ring 2, 4th Best of Breed in Ring 3 and Reserve Best of Breed in Ring 4. There were 10 Ragdoll kittens there so we are glad he was recognized. In the top 10 he was placed as 6th Best Group 1, 10th Best Group 1 and he was placed as 9th Best Group 1 twice. There was a total of 23 Group 1 kittens there so he was in the middle which we are happy about, we cant wait for his next show in the adult ring though so he can start accruing some points. He was his usual self, sleeping on his back in the show cage with his legs in the air and playing with the judges toys on the bench. He is a beautiful big boy and we are very proud of him.


FCCQ PawPurrs Charity 4 ring Show RNA Showgrounds 16/10/11

Today was a good day - such a small show but we did quite well - hopefully they raised a nice amount for the Peninsula animal aid but it would have been better if there were more entries, it was a good day for us though and everyone enjoyed themselves. Also it is the first birthday of Mittens and Charlies 2nd litter so we are wishing a very happy birthday to Titan, Rapha, Truffle, Toots, LuLu & Aphy!

It was Ryder's first time in the adult ring and he got 53pts, Misty got 44pts & finally got her Grand Champion status :)

 Saffireblu Teddy Bear was at the top of the kitten ring - there were three ragdolls (Teddy & two younger girls) and one Maine coon baby in the kitten division, that was it! He got 4 Best of Breeds, A Best in Show under NSW judge Tony Hurry & 3 Reserve Best in Shows behind the Maine coon. He did very well, we were extremely proud of him today and we cant wait for his first adult show on the 30th October :) Because of Teddy Bear's placings today and throughout the whole show year, he has won the award for Reserve Best Group 1 Kitten at FCCQ for 2011! Well done beautiful boy! What a great achievement :)

CherishMe Storm Ryder got 2 Best of Breeds and 2 Reserve Best of Breeds behind the beautiful CherishMe Fortune n Glory, and in the top 6 he got a Best in Show and three 3rd Best in Shows behind Gloria & the Maine coon adult. He did so well today,  he will be a champion at his next show and we just can't wait, he is fabulous :)

GD CH Saffireblu Midnight was a good girl as always but didn't really get good placings, she got four 3rd Best of Breeds (behind Ryder & Gloria) & A 4th Best in Show, 5th Best in Show, & two 6th Best in shows in the Group 1. We are happy with her though as she always behaves herself and gets nice comments :)

We had a lovely day with Sharon & Annie and they got some great placings too, Well done to all :)


FCCQ Tonkinese Cat club All breeds 4 Ring Show - 18/9/11


Today was great! We took Teddy, Ryder & Misty to this show, all behaved superbly! Except for Teddy & Ryder disgracing themselves in the car on the way to the show… requiring another bath each at the show! All went well though, We got them clean, smelling lovely, rubbed dry and groomed before it started! We had a great day, some good results :)

CH Saffireblu Midnight (Adult 10mths) - Misty earned her Champion Status today! This was her second adult show and she got all 44 points, so now she is over half way to Grand Champion! Good Girl! Misty got 3rd Best Ragdoll twice, and got placed 5th Best Group 1 twice, and 7th Best Group 1 twice. There were some good comments, the placings weren't brilliant but we are over the moon anyway! We love her!

Saffireblu Teddy Bear (Blue point Kitten 7mths) - Teddy did very well today, he placed as Best Blue point in 3 out of 4 rings (out of 3 blue points), and placed as Reserve Best Ragdoll kitten behind Ryder under the TICA President & judge Vickie Fisher from America (out of 13 Ragdolls). He then went onto place in the top 10 as 3rd Best Group 1 kitten with Vickie Fisher out of 20 entries, and also 9th Best in Show and 10th Best in Show in the other rings. Well done Teddy, there were some great compliments on him today, we were so proud and cant wait to see him in the Adult Ring, he just keeps getting better and better! Teddy behaves so well on the bench, he sleeps all day long in his cage and loves the attention, he is gorgeous!

CherishMe Storm Ryder (Blue Bicolour Kitten 8mths) - Ryder was a good boy today! He was the biggest kitten in the ring, this being his last ever show as a baby! Next time he is up into the Adult ring! He placed as Best Blue Bicolour kitten twice out of 6 Blue bicolours, 2nd Best Blue Bicolour & 4th Best Blue Bicolour in the other rings, He then got Best Ragdoll kitten in 2 rings (One of those being with TICA president Vickie Fisher), and then he got 3rd Best Ragdoll in the other ring. He placed as Reserve Best Group 1 In show under American TICA judge & President Vickie Fisher behind a beautiful Birman, then Best Group 1 exhibit in Show with Marie Mahoney, then 8th Best in Show with Erin Brown. A very, very good day for our boys today, even if they soiled themselves at the start! A good turn out, thank you all for such a lovely day :)

Well done to Kerry, Sharon & Annie who did extremely well with their babies today :)


Back to the Bay - Hervey Bay All breeds 4 ring Show 28/8/11

What a wonderful weekend! We packed up all of the cats and show cages etc on Saturday and headed off to Maroochydore to stay over night with Sharon from CherishMe. We had a lovely evening, thank you so much Sharon for having us!

We took four of our future Kings and Queens to this show! They brought home six rosettes between them, as well as lots of other prizes and 44 points for Misty :)

Saffireblu Midnight (Seal point female 9mths) - Today was Misty's first time ever in the adult ring! So she did fantastically well considering this was her debut as an adult. She behaved well on the bench and was awarded Best Seal point in 3 out of the 4 rings, She was placed as 2nd Best Ragdoll cat in ring 4 and placed in the top 8 - 6th (R1), 8th (R2), 7th (R3) & 3rd Best in R4. Well done Misty! She is now well over half way to her Champion Status, we love this gorgeous girl  :)

Saffireblu Teddy Bear (Blue point male kitten 7mths) was such a good boy, for only his 3rd ever show we were so very happy with his performance. He got best blue point in one of the rings, and placed in the top 11 - 10th (R1), 8th (R2), 7th (R3), and 8th (R4). Not fantastic placings but he did get some lovely comments, and we know that when he grows up and fills out his frame a little more he will do much better, he certainly has a good show temperament and we love his expression, he is a gorgeous boy. We are so proud of his efforts on Sunday overall, very playful in his show cage and nicely relaxed on the bench :)

Radiant Origin of Symmetry (Blue Bicolour female kitten 8mths) - Our beautiful new girl Jeanie did exceptionally well today, she was so good for the judges and had a good day all round. She placed as Best Blue Bicolour in Ring 4 over her future husband CherishMe Storm Ryder, and the beautiful kitten CherishMe Up and Atom. Jeanie then went on to place as Reserve Best Ragdoll (R1 & R2), 3rd Best Ragdoll (R3) & Best Ragdoll kitten in Ring 4! Some fabulous placings for this girl! She placed in the top 10 as 3rd Best (R1), Reserve Best (R2), 4th Best (R3) & Best in Show in R4. Well done Jeanie! Congratulations go to Karen of Radiant for breeding this beautiful girl, and again thank you so much for trusting us with her, we will continue to show her for you and get her the statuses she so deserves :)

CherishMe Storm Ryder (Blue Bicolour male kitten 8mths) - Oh my goodness. Ryder did so well today. This was his 3rd ever show and he was such a good boy all day. He got some fabulous placings - Best Blue Bicolour in Ring 3, 4th Best Ragdoll (R1), Best Ragdoll (R3), and 3rd Best Ragdoll (R4). He then went on to get 6th Best Kitten (R1), 9th Best Kitten (R2), Best Kitten in Show5th Best Kitten (R3) & (R4). He was also awarded Bernadette Roberts Judges Choice Rosette. As Ryder placed as Best Group 1 kitten in one of the rings he was then in the running for Supreme Exhibit of Show. Ryder had to be judged by Marion Cooper against all of the Best group 1 kittens, adults and neuters. He ended up getting titled SUPREME GROUP 1 EXHIBIT IN SHOW, but just missed out on Overall Supreme. We were so very proud of him, this is our best result yet and many congrats go to Sharon of CherishMe for breeding such an exceptional boy, we just adore him and know that he will produce some beautiful kittens for us all. Very well done Ryder!


4 Ring FCCQ All Breeds show at RNA Showgrounds 3/7/11

CH Radiant Big Bear did well today, he earned enough points for his Grand Champion Status! Bear got best lilac in 3 out of 4 rings,  he was placed as 3rd Best of Breed (R1), 4th Best of Breed (R4), 4th Best of Breed (R3), and Reserve Best of Breed (R2). He also placed in the top 10 Group 1 cats, being 5th Best (R1), 4th Best (R2), 7th Best (R3) and 8th Best (R4). There was a total of 7 Ragdolls and 11 Group 1 cats. Bear got a lovely Rosette and lots of other prizes, he was very well behaved and put on quite a cute show!

Saffireblu Teddy Bear did extremely well for only his second show, he performed well for the judges and got some good placings. Teddy was best blue point in every ring. There were 17 Group 1 kittens, 9 of them being Ragdolls. Teddy was placed as Best of Breed (R1)  and 3rd Best of Breed (R4), he was placed as Reserve Best Group 1 kitten (R1), 9th Best Group 1 kitten (R3), and 5th Best Group 1 kitten (R4). Well done Teddy, he got his first rosette and prizes today! :)

Saffireblu Dash placed as 5th Best of Breed (R2) and Reserve Best of breed (R4). He placed in the top 10 Group 1 kittens with - an 8th Best place (R2) and a 4th Best (R4), he also got a little Stewards choice award for being 'fat and relaxed' Yay hehe! Go Dash! He also got some litter prizes.

 Saffireblu Midnight was placed as 4th Best of Breed in Ring 3, 10th Best Group 1 kitten in Ring2, 5th Best group 1 kitten in Ring3, and 10th Best Group 1 in Ring 4. Go Misty! Misty got some litter and toys as prizes :)

 It was a fantastic day with all of the beautiful Ragdolls and of course their owners lol, Very well done to Karen, Sharon, Annie & Sue on your placings with your Raggies today!


Gold Coast Cat Club 3 ring show - Saturday 25/6/11

What a great day at the show today! First of all, many congratulations to Sharon & Annie of CherishMe Ragdolls for some fabulous results!

CherishMe Storm Ryder placed as Best Ragdoll kitten in R3, Reserve Best Ragdoll kitten in R2, and Third Best Ragdoll kitten in Ring 1. He also placed in the top 15 Group 1 kittens, getting a Reserve Best in Ring 3 and a 13th Best in Ring 2. Well done Ryder!!! Ryder’s beautiful blue point sister CherishMe Mia was also there which was great to see, and she placed as Best Ragdoll kitten in Ring 2 and 12th Best group 1 kitten in the same ring, go CherishMe babies!!!

 Our Saffireblu Dash placed as Reserve Best Ragdoll kitten in rings 1 and 3, and Third Best Ragdoll kitten in Ring 2. He also placed in the top 15 Group one kittens as 8th Best Group 1 kitten in Ring 3, well done Dashy!

 CH Radiant Big Bear was in the adult ring, he placed as Reserve Best Ragdoll cat in Ring 2, and placed as Third Best Ragdoll cat in rings 1 & 3. He earned 24 challenge points today towards his Grand Champion status! Bear also placed in the top 10 Group 1 cats in Ring 1, getting 8th Best Group 1 out of 22. Well done Bear!

What a lovely day with great company, we can’t wait for the 4 ring show next week! We are so very proud of our babies and excited for their future results.


ACF 39th National Championship Show 12/6/11

Today we attended the 4 ring ACF National Show in Deception Bay, Brisbane! There were many international judges there & cats from all over Australia too. This was all very exciting for us, and it is always great to get feedback on our babies!!

 In the first few rings Misty didn't get any placings, although she had wonderful comments. Then she VERY pleasantly surprised us in Ring 3 with Karen Peplar, a South African Judge. Misty took out Best of Breed in this ring out of the 25 Ragdoll kittens there, then Misty was placed as Best Group 1 kitten in Show out of 76 kittens!!! We were so very excited and proud of her, the judge said that she usually prefers bicolours but couldn't look past Misty's profile as she was a Ragdoll breeder herself once, so as expected Misty is getting lots of Bonus cuddles, kisses and compliments from us hehe :D Then later on Karen Peplar was giving out her ‘Judges Choice award’, and she gave it to Misty! So she got 3 beautiful rosettes and 2 comfy beds as prizes from the 1 ring! We are extremely proud to have bred the only Ragdoll to place as Best Group 1 in Show on the day (from a total of 44 Ragdoll Kittens & Entire Adults)! So very exciting! Well done to our beautiful Misty, fingers crossed for her future shows! Cant wait! :D


Curly Coats Cat club Show at Everton Park 10/4/11

Saffireblu Kiss me Kirsty was a very good girl today, she behaved perfectly and got some lovely comments on her colouring and eye shape, she didn't place in most of the rings despite getting lovely feedback, but in Ring 3 she received Best Ragdoll cat out of 7 Ragdolls and 3rd Best Longhair Cat out of 18 beautiful cats! She also received her points today to earn her Champion status, Go Kizzy! :D

 Saffireblu Dash was very lazy today lol, he was his usual floppy self but slept for almost the whole day! He was placed as 4th Best Ragdoll kitten in rings 3 & 4 (out of 17 Ragdolls) and he was also 12th Best Longhair kitten in ring 4 (out of 40 kittens).

We also took our beautiful baby boys from Lyssa & Bear’s litter. These boys were only 10 weeks old today which is the youngest we can show them at, so its great timing for them! Saffireblu Snow Phantom is a future King at WhiteWhiska Ragdolls in Perth & Saffireblu Teddy Bear is retained as a Future King at Saffireblu. These boys got some wonderful comments and they loved to play with the judges and flop in their arms, they were very good boys. Sno came home with his first Rosette today, he was placed as Best lilac point kitten in 3 out of 4 rings, he was placed 12th Best longhair kitten in Ring 3, and 15th Best longhair kitten in Ring 1 (out of 40 kittens). Well done Sno, what a great result for a baby kitten! Teddy was placed as 2nd Best Blue point kitten in all 4 rings out of 3 blue points.


 We are very proud of all of our babies today, it was a good show!!


Lockyer Valley All Breeds Show at Everton Park 27/2/11

Saffireblu Dash got Reserve Best Ragdoll kitten in Ring 3 out of 11 Ragdolls, and then 10th Best Longhair kitten in the same ring out of 31 kittens. He behaved like a little angel and got some lovely feedback! Go Dash!

  Saffireblu Midnight got 3rd Best Ragdoll kitten out of 11 Ragdolls in Ring 2. She was very well behaved and slept for most of the day, she got to meet her beautiful sister Saffireblu Painted Lady again, who was being shown by my good friend Sharon of CherishMe. Lady and Misty both got some nice feedback, especially on their eye shape, profile and eye colour!



Gold Coast Cat Club Show at Nerang 05/2/11

CH Radiant Big Bear was placed as 7th Best longhair cat in ring 2, Reserve Best Ragdoll cat in ring 3 (5 Ragdolls), and 5th Best longhair cat in ring 3 (9 cats). He earned enough points today for his Champion status! Well done Big Bear!! :D

It was Saffireblu Kiss Me Kirsty (Kizzy’s) last show in the kitten ring today, and she was placed as 3rd Best Ragdoll kitten in ring 2 (12 Ragdolls), and also 5th Best longhair kitten in the same ring. In Ring 3 she was placed as Reserve Best Ragdoll, and 6th Best Longhaired kitten (29 kittens)! She also got some lovely comments on her size, head conformation, and her vivid tortie markings, we cant wait to see how she goes in the Adult ring!


QFA Australiana Cat Show Lawnton Showgrounds 23/1/11

This was our first show for 2011, and Radiant Big Bear behaved very well and was floppy as always, he was placed as Reserve Best, Best and Reserve Best Ragdoll Adult, and he was also placed as 6th, 8th & 2nd Best longhair cat out of all breeds. Big Bear nearly has enough points to earn Champion status (one more show). Go Bear!

 GD CH Chanel also did quite well at this show, She got some lovely comments and was placed as 5th, 3rd & 6th Best companion Cat. Chanel earned enough points from this show to earn her Grand Champion status! We reviewed our paperwork and discovered that her sister Coco is also Grand Champion! :)

Saffireblu Kiss me Kirsty (Kizzy) did very well, the judges all loved her tortie markings and her generous size, She was placed as 4th Best Ragdoll kitten in one ring (out of 13 Ragdolls), and also 10th Best longhair kitten in the same ring, out of 30 kittens of all different longhaired breeds.